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Our story

Passion for maple syrup production started very early on for the owner Louis Vallières. He remembers during his childhood, walking through the sugary with his father to collect the sap, bring it to the sugar shack and boil it until it became maple syrup.

This passion has never left him and it is in 2012 that Louis and his wife Line settled in New Brunswick, on Chemin du Grand Reed in the village of Baker Brook, where they decided to continue to grow in the maple syrup industry.


Already established since 2000, the maple sugary of 42,000 taps has seduced them. What a great semi-retirement project for a nature lover couple.


Since the very first sap runs, they have seen the potential and the exceptional flavors of their syrups.


The trademark, Domaine du Grand Reed, is inspired by their desire to promote their maple products and sharing their common passion.

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