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Our story

Passionate about nature Serge Deschênes studied   at the Agricultural College La Pocatière in Quebec. It was there that he met his wife Julie. 

In 1997, Serge and Julie began their entrepreneurial journey. Since then, in 2017, the couple have been increasing the company's beekeeping operations. They currently sell honey from North Country Farm apiary at various retailers in Grand Falls, Edmundston and Plaster Rock. Their products are also sold in local markets.

Serge's fondest spring memories are of working with his father at his uncles' sugar bushes.

His passion for maple syrup has never left and it is now that Serge, Julie and some of their children have come to settle on Chemin Grand Reed in the village of Baker Brook,  to begin a new adventure.

Already established since 2000, the maple grove with 42,000 taps seduced them.   They are confident that with their expertise they will be able to make this beautiful maple grove flourish.

What a great project to share their love of nature with their children!

The trademark,Grand Reed Estate,  was created in 2021 by former owners Louis and Line Vallière who had a strong desire to make known the exceptional flavors of their syrups; a real New Brunswick treasure.

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