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A maple tree can easily live up to 300 years due to its slow growth and will only be tapped for the first time when it will be 50 years old. So, while walking through a maple grove in full spring, you are privy to nature's force of life, serenity and vitaliy.

Domaine du Grand Reed  consists of red and white sugar maples. Our sugary produces its unique syrup for that particular reason and for many more reasons like its geographical location, topography of the land, weather, handling of the sap, processing equipment and of course... the master maple producer !!!

The combinaison of these factors makes a sweet and flavourful syrup, unique to each seasonal harvest.


Maple syrup Domaine du Grand Reed is actually just one ingredient with several benefits including being an antioxidant.


In addition to tasting good, maple syrup contains calcium, potassium , zinc , manganese and various essential vitamins .


All of these vitamins and minerals help maintain good health.


How does the syrup get to your table?

Maple trees from the South East of Canada and the North East of the United States have been studied to better understand the flow phenomenon, how it affects the transformation of sap into syrup and other maple products.

Maple trees begin to thaw after a long winter when the temperatures hover between -7 and +7 C, signaling the start of the harvest season that will only last 4 weeks, on average. Sap will flow through the lines, down the tubing system into the reservoirs and then be boiled down into syrup. As each day brings in a new flow of sap, the syrup produced varies in its taste and color, rendering a unique product at every yield. 



However, it is thanks to the diligent work of the maple producer who walks the forest in snowshoes, selecting trees to be tapped for the upcoming harvest that is the pillar in this transformation. The production of maple syrup is an art and cannot be learned from books. It is a passion passed down from generation to generation, in the subtle ways of boiling.

The nuances of flavour found in  maple syrup are comparable to the ones found in cheeses and wines. Each is worth savoring.

Maple syrup has the privilege of giving you a source of nutrients that is second to none. It's good to know that 100% pure maple syrup is natural and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Maple syrup Domaine du Grand Reed can replace sugar in most recipes.


Here is the conversion metric:

  • replacing white or brown sugar with maple sugar is equivalent to 1 for 1


  • replacing white or brown sugar with maple syrup is equivalent to 1 for 1, less ¼ of liquid in the recipe (water, milk, juice, etc.)

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