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Maple and honey products

Domaine du Grand Reed

Au Domaine du Grand Reed we are passionate about bringing top quality natural sweetness to you. We produce our maple syrup and honey in NB.


We hope to awaken your taste buds as well as all your  senses.


Discover the treasures of nature!



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“I just want you to know that the gift box and the other bottles of maple syrup were given to my Mexican friends, who loved receiving something so uniquely Canadian. They loved the flavors”

-Florence C.

Toronto, ON

“The maple butter is fabulous, unctuous, tasty and rich.


It's dangerous to open a jar. You might finish it!”

- France B.

Saint John, NB


“The maple butter is wonderfully decadent. Truly, we have never tasted such fabulous maple butter. And what about the delicious syrup on our waffles? It's succulent! We sent some products to our Spanish friends. They are delighted with the taste and quality of your products.”

- Dino D.

Montreal, QC


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